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Through our Cozy Corner series, we present interactive puppet performances that explore the inner lives of children and the meaning of community.

Our in person and online performances, workshops and residencies are designed to thoroughly engage audiences — and create opportunities for children to explore the qualities, attitudes and skills needed to cultivate trusting relationships, equitable communities and a healthy planet.

What Presenters, Educators and Kids say

“I want to remember this forever!”

–Roland, age 4

“Cozy Corner welcomes kids and their grown ups into a beautiful, kind, affirming and engaging world. It’s a creative, memorable, magical experience that we’re always excited to share with our audiences!”

–Roxanna Myhrum, Artistic Director, Puppet Showplace Theater

“Mrs. Flutterby came to our class through Zoom. She immediately captured the attention of the class with her costume and colorful virtual background set. The session was a mixture of puppetry, interactive singing, art-making and social-emotional learning. Mrs. Flutterby engaged the students by asking questions and giving students an opportunity to respond. Through each part of the show children were highly engaged, and all had things to say or questions to ask at the end. When I saw the students later they asked, ‘When is Mrs. Flutterby coming again?’”

–Jodi, Art Teacher, Boston Public Schools

“The Cozy Corner Arts team brought three of their productions to our school, performing for students in pre-k through 5th grade. Our audiences responded with great enthusiasm — students were entranced with the magical effects of storytelling and live puppetry. The performers and musicians were able to connect powerfully with the audience, drawing them into the world of imagination through the use of live action, delightful puppets, and exquisite sets… We also appreciate the values that are such an important part of the episodes — such as, caring, responsibility, community and connectedness. The energy of each episode both engages and calms the children, and the stories are reassuring as well as entertaining.”

–Sasha Lauterbach, Cambridge Friends School

“Faye presented a shorter version of her show ‘I Spy Butterfly’ to a group of over 120 children at our COOL Ways to Play Festival at the Boston Children’s Museum. The audience was made up of children with and without disabilities ages four to 12. While my role was to direct the festival, I found myself returning to KidStage, where the show was taking place, to see the show myself and to see the faces of the students as they interacted with the characters. Their performance was endearing, fun and memorable. All children were able to interact meaningfully with the characters and performance and to find meaning and joy in it.”

–Nicole Agois Hurel, Managing Director, Open Door Arts

“Cozy Arts is incredibly innovative and both kids and parents had a blast at their Puppet Workshop this summer! Not only were they professional and easy to work with but the instructor was excellent with the children and really helped inspire them to make amazing puppets they were proud to take home.”

–Debbie Leopold, Children’s Librarian, Lincoln Public Library

Ms. Dupras brings happiness, hope and endless creativity to her work. I have had the pleasure of working with her for many years throughout our Artist Residency Program in the Boston Public Schools… Through excellent guidance from Ms. Dupras, the educators at our school were well guided in the development and execution of a partnership plan which was implemented weekly with Ms. Dupras in our classrooms.Throughout this process, Ms. Dupras assured all stakeholders that she could successfully execute pathways toward success for each and every scholar on our 2nd Grade Team. Her sensitivity to the many cultures represented within our classrooms was indeed timely and authentic. Cozy Arts truly captured the hearts of all our learners. The children embraced the goals and looked forward to the many fun and exciting activities available to them. Additionally, Ms. Dupras’ warm, kind and inclusive disposition invited all learners to strive for personal success.”

–Donna McDonald, Boston Public School Grade 2

“As an artist, Faye is certainly one of the finest puppeteers I know. As an artist/educator, she brings years of invaluable experience working with families, youth and young children in and out of traditional educational settings. As a performer, she brings enormous expertise, decades of professional experience, clarity of expression, a whimsical spirit and a talent for connection.”

–Debra Wise, Artistic Director, Underground Railway Theater

“I loved making puppets with you. Please come back!”

–Favi, Grade 4 Student

Online Offerings

Our online offerings are interactive by design so children, educators and parents can interact at key moments in each performance. Together with the Cozy Corner characters, audiences explore the qualities and skills of kindness, equity and community building. Downloadable pre- and post-show materials and activities extend learning and interactions at school and in the home.

  • Shows and events can be presented via Zoom as interactive webinars
  • Online makerspace workshops are available as add-ons to enrich the experience

Cozy Connect

Zoom into Cozy Corner and help solve a mystery: Where is Mr. Cuddles? Rory can’t find him anywhere. Join us as we search high and low for Rory’s missing turtle lovey. Original music, colorful characters and a bit of magic make this story about helping each other an inspiring, interactive family adventure.

Imagination Station

Imagination Station is an interactive online program for schools and libraries that uses storytelling, puppetry, interactive music and arts-based activities to cultivate joy and wonder. Join Mrs. Flutterby and friends, and explore what it means to be a good friend and a kind neighbor. Book individually or as a bundle. These 30 to 40 minute events are synchronous to foster learning.

Episodes explore such themes as friendship, embracing differences, empathy, generosity, fairness and speaking up for ourselves and others.

In-Person Shows

Cozy Corner is a series of interactive puppet performances designed to engage children and their adults. Exploring big ideas, our engaging characters, relevant themes and original music help children of all backgrounds and abilities explore their inner lives and see that feelings, friendships and fairness matter.

Our pre-show story and meet the character videos help children prepare for their Cozy Corner experience. We design each show with attention to pacing, concepts and sensory experiences so that all children feel welcome. Our actors are trained to engage and be responsive to audiences. We include spaces with tactile and sensory materials. See Access & Inclusion.

In-Person details

  • Book one or multiple shows
  • Ideal for children 3-11
  • Engages children and adults
  • Sensory friendly and welcoming for all children
  • Pre-show story and character bios available
  • Post show workshops available as add-ons
  • Educational resources extend learning for home and classroom


magic inside

Magic Inside
A show about capacity and perseverance

Seeds to Shoots
A show about nurturing and patience

Community Garden Blues
A show about community and generosity

Mr. Cuddles is Missing
A show about connectivity and helping others


The Grakatudes
A show about gratitude and love

Dragon Next Door
A show about inclusivity and friendship

Harvest Heebie-Jeebies
A show about loss and the life cycle

Writing’s on the Wall
A show about truthfulness and courage

I Spy Butterfly
A show about ariendship and transformation

Supporting Documents

We encourage you to prepare your teams and audiences for all Cozy Corner can offer. The following downloads explain what audiences might see, hear and feel during a Cozy Corner performance. Please reach out with additional questions to


Cozy Arts residencies create opportunities for all children to participate in creative experiences that advance artistic, intellectual and social-emotional learning.

Using a flexible design model, we can work with educators and staff to create a unique residency tailored to a specific classroom or institution, or offer one of our pre-existing, carefully-crafted residency programs.

Our team is sensitive to the diversity of cultures and backgrounds present in different settings, and we work to create an inclusive learning environment for all children. We are also attentive to differences in learning styles, and engage all children’s different needs, abilities and ways of learning and thinking.

Residency Details

  • Duration: 3 to 12 weeks, based on learning goals
  • Grades: Pre-K to 5th grads
  • Capacity: Dependent on age of children, size of room and availability of support staff
  • Content: Tailored to your educational or program needs, or select pre-existing residency
  • Arts Integration: Residencies support a variety of subjects including STEM, English Language Arts and social-emotional learning

Note: All workshops can be expanded to residencies.

Giant Puppet Residency
Rod Puppet Residency


Booked alone or as a performance add-ons, Cozy Arts workshops are designed as fun, educational hands-on puppet making experiences.

Through lively activities and discussions, learners learn how puppets are made and how the art of puppetry conveys stories, cultural traditions and meaning. Together, we explore feelings, friendship and fairness in ways that help children develop their own unique gifts in the context of community. Workshops are designed to ensure equity, inclusion and access.

Workshop Details

  • Book alone or as a performance add-on
  • Available for children ages pre-K through 5th grade
  • Capacity is dependent on age of children, size of venue and availability of support staff
  • All supplies are child friendly, with easy clean-up
  • Take-home puppets are dynamic in look and movement

Note: All workshops can be expanded into residencies.

Sample Workshops

Cozy Corner Community Puppets
Using felt, fur and fabric, learners make hand puppets as they explore the qualities necessary to build healthy and happy communities. Together, we brainstorm the qualities we admire in our friends and family, and discuss which characters, people and animals embody these positive attributes. Each child chooses a character to build and we then create our own Cozy Community.

  • Grades K to 4th grade
  • One hour in duration but can extend to 90 minutes with puppet playtime
  • Requires a hot-glue gun station staffed by our team

Many Colors of the Rainbow
Building on the themes of “I Spy Butterfly” this workshop uses a garden as a metaphor for the necessity and beauty of diversity. Learners create their own unique butterfly puppets as mini-ambassadors of joy and peace. We use giant pom-poms, pipe cleaners, stickers, crayons and wing-shaped paper to create butterflies that flitter and flutter like the real thing.

  • Grades Pre-K to 2nd grade
  • 20 to 45 minutes in duration
  • Can be extended with puppet playtime

Storytime Cubby Shadow Puppets
Using paper, coloring supplies, brass tabs and bamboo rods, learners create shadow puppets that seem to come alive on our Storytime Cubby shadow screen. Extend the learning with a pre-workshop hands-on exploration of the history of shadow puppetry from around the world, or a post-workshop shadow puppet animation session using music and storytelling.

  • Grades 1 through 5
  • 35 minutes and can extend to one hour with storytime
  • Precut shapes available for younger groups

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