Investing in Children Is a Powerful Act

We believe children of all backgrounds and abilities have feelings that matter and capacities that can change the world.

Cozy Arts is dedicated to creating original puppet productions and resources that invite children, and their adults, to cultivate trusting relationships, welcoming communities and a healthy planet.

Creating healthy communities requires that adults collaborate to raise children who are empathetic and resilient, curious and kind — and able to identify, describe and dismantle racial, economic and environmental injustice.

Through our Cozy Corner series, we present interactive puppet performances that explore the inner lives of children and the meaning of community. By engaging children’s innate curiosity and creativity, we help cultivate the insights, qualities and skills children need to find their unique path in the context of family, friendship and community. 

Cozy Corner is a series of interactive puppet performances and learning resources that uses the colorful world of theater to explore big, bold, brave ideas.

Together, we help children explore their inner lives and the meaning of community. Whether you visit Cozy Corner in a big theater or on a small screen at home, our performances will have you and your children laughing, singing and exploring ideas about character, creativity and community.

We extend learning beyond our performances with downloadable music and educational resources for home and classroom that let you and your little ones color, create and explore right alongside Rory.

Access & Inclusion

All children deserve the chance to pursue their dreams and access resources that help them develop their unique gifts. We are dedicated to creating accessible, inclusive productions and resources that welcome and nurture children of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.

Access is essential to our work

At Cozy Arts, we believe that barriers to participation exist in design, not in people. We strive to weave access into our work at every step — from concept and scripting to productions and resources. Our themes, characters and stories are designed with physical, functional and social access in mind with the goal that everyone can feel at home with Cozy Arts.

Our performances are designed to support children with disabilities. The audience experience has been considered from entering to exiting the space. Theater can be a sensory and social challenge to many and we hope that Cozy Arts can provide the opportunity to experience the magic and community of theater at a supported pace. Our actors, writers and directors are trained to welcome and engage with audience members — including unplanned moments — so that all children are a welcome part of every audience. Additionally, extra spaces with tactile and sensory materials are provided for moments when a change of pace may be needed.

Race equity & inclusion enriches us all

At Cozy Arts, we believe that all children can become protagonists in the process of creating race equity and genuine inclusion at home, at school and in life. All of us can learn to identify, describe and dismantle racial injustice.

With every performance and each conversation we have, we see more clearly that diversity of culture, experience and expression is essential to creating vibrant, equitable, learning communities where children thrive. We have much to learn and more work to do as we move more fully toward representation across our organization. But our work has taught us that working for race equity and inclusion at all levels makes us all stronger, wiser and more joyful.

Our productions and resources attempt to open spaces where children, and their adults, can explore how people and cultures are different and how they’re the same. We believe that, together, we can all contribute to creating equitable, authentic and inclusive communities.

Have questions or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you. We’re always excited to learn new ways to create with everyone in mind. Please write to welcome@cozyarts.org with your feedback.

Meet Our Team

Faye Dupras
Founder and Artistic Director

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Jason Slavick
Director and Dramaturg

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Max Weigert
Songwriter and Actor

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Patti Rae Tomarelli
Senior Writer

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Rebecca Lehroff
Actor and Writer

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Mia Branco
Accessibility Specialist

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Dr. Noah Kenneally
Early Learning and Family Support Specialist

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john lechner

John Lechner
Set Designer and Illustrator

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Sarah Nolen
Cinematographer and Director of Online Content

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Andrew Bee
Film Editor and Creative Consultant for Online Content

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Kendra Bell
Costume Designer and Creative Associate

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Cozy Book Contributors: Allison Grover Khoury, Sasha Lauterbach, Patti Tomarelli
Puppet Design by Eric Wright & Puppet Construction by Jamie Bressler for Puppet Kitchen
Cozy Corner Photography by Chris McIntosh / C. McIntosh Photo

Board of Directors

Issa Rae
Executive Director, Boston Children’s Center

Trevor Noah
Founder, Kinder Kids

John Stewart
Director, 1st Light Films

Dave Chappelle
Founder, Americans for Puppets

Stephen Colbert
CEO, Bank of Boston

Samantha Bee
President, Boston Foundation

Issa Rae
Executive Director, Boston Children’s Center

Trevor Noah
Founder, Kinder Kids

John Stewart
Director, 1st Light Films

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